Chiang Mai Property

My Chiang Mai Property is a Home for Sale in the outskirts of Chiang Mai

The setting for this unique property is for someone that is looking for peace and quiet, yet easy access to the city.

My Chiang Mai Property is Located in the quiet rice fields half way between Doi Saket and Bo Sang…….

  • 30 minutes from the airport,
  • 25 minutes from the super hi-way
  • 25 minutes from all the superstores

My Chiang Mai Property consists of a 3 house compound in a development with full infrastructure including…..

  • phones,
  • internet,
  • decent roads
  • unlimited unpolluted well water.

The development was started 15 yrs ago with many lots that never became popular because of the ’97 financial crisis and the sales were aimed at BKK retirees. Sales never took off leaving many lots unsold and unoccupied. The end result is a large park like setting with many kilometers of paved roads with no traffic and lots of shade from the mature trees that were planted along the development roads making excellent walking and jogging paths. Three large lakes are a magnet for many rare birds and migrating ducks.

The lots are larger than in most gated communities and the few inhabited houses are spaced for privacy.

chiang mai property house for sale

The compound consists of 4 buildings and a swimming pool….

  • The largest main house [12 yrs old] with 3 bdrms, office and 1.5 bath rooms.
  • Another complete house [4 yrs old] has one large bedroom and space for a 2nd bdrm. It was designed to be handicapped friendly with sliding doors and hand rails in the toilet.
  • And a wood Thai style house with one bdrm and bath rm that could be easily expanded to a 2 bdrm guest house. This house was constructed mostly out of antique Thai rice barns.
  • And a large workshop space connected to the water tower.
  • Same owner for the last 10 years.

My Chiang Mai Property is located at the far end of the entrance which is at least 1 kilometer from the outside community and all the noises that local communities can produce The landscaping has matured in the 8 yrs that we have owned the property and have collected many rare and beautiful specimens

THE LAND … consists of 3 lots totaling 360 talang wa [1440 sq mtrs] and is located at the end of the road that is more than a kilometer from the public road, so very little passing traffic and a long way from the normal Thai noise.  The lots were filled more than a meter up from the level of the surrounding rice fields, so drainage is not a problem and we haven’t had a flood on our chiang mai property in the 8 yrs we have been here.

chiang mai property

THE DEVELOPMENT … has one entrance and remains open during the day and locked at night.  There are 5 large private lakes with good fishing and there are walking paths that wander thru the pastures and surrounded by rice fields making a good habitat for wild birds. Privacy and security are the biggest plusses of this development.

THE NEIGHBORHOOD … outside the development is a typical Thai moo baan [village] with small shops for food, fresh vegetables and necessities.

Approximately 2 kilometers away is a locally famous German sausage factory with a restaurant and excellent choice of traditional German meats. They have a buffet on Sundays.

The nearest 7/11 and Mini Tesco Lotus is about 10 minutes away in the larger village of Mae Ku with a large public market.

Bo Sang, the handicraft village, is 10 kilometers away and  has a larger Tesco Lotus, several 7/11s and a large public market as well as many restaurants and only 20 minutes from the new Promanade Mall.

“So you can see my Chiang Mai Property is not far from the necessities but still allows you to have more privacy than you can find in most of  Thailand.


The Below Information is from a USNEWS article  6 Affordable Places to Retire Abroad in 2012

Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • Monthly budget: $1,100
  • Monthly rent: $400

Consider settling down in Chiang Mai, perhaps the world’s most affordable place to retire comfortably. A retired couple can live here for as little as $1,100 per month, including rent and other basic expenses.

A frugal person could live here on much less. I know a single American man living in Chiang Mai on only $200 a month, with half of that going for rent. He makes a sport out of spending as little as possible. Another Thai American woman who bought an apartment in a small town outside Chiang Mai manages on her Social Security income alone, which is $600 a month. These are special cases, but you can live very cheaply in this part of Thailand.

House and apartment rentals can vary a great deal. You can rent a small home outside Chiang Mai for $100 to $150 a month. For a house or apartment that most American retirees would be happy living in, figure about $400 a month.

PRICE for My Chiang Mai Property is  


NOW Bargain Priced at 3.5 Million Baht 

                                               3.3 Million Baht

Now Only        2.5 Million Baht

or Best Offer

 “Handicapped friendly house only 5 years old is currently occupied at 8,000 per month on a month to month lease providing rental income.  The current renters are aware that my property is for sale and will vacate with 2 month’s notice or the contract and income could be transferred to new owners if they choose to keep them.”

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